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Does anyone have any info regarding a college named Canyon College. They offer a Occupational certificate online. They are NOT Regional accrediated but accrediated by AIDE and ANMAB. Sounds strange. It sounds too funny.... Read More

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    Kudos to you on your years of certification. You most definitely had stricter guidelines to follow in the 90's. I wish I had done it many years ago myself but ... I'm enjoying the new adventure after so many years out of school. I am new to this blog/forum and find it very intersting. I hope I can shed a little light on one of your thoughts.

    You said "...the only certification that counts at all is the COHN (if ADN) or COHN-S (if BSN). All others are hooey."

    • It is true that you may not use the hard earned initials of COHN or COHN-S until you sit for the ABOHN exam and pass.
    • And it is true that some employers require that you have or get the certification.
    However, those nurses without the number of hours of experience required to sit for the exam can and do benefit from the certificate training. By taking a "for credit" (meaning college credit) certification course you may sit for the exam without the 3000 hours of experience (in the most recent five years) otherwise required. This is a newer rule for the ABOHN. I am certain employers will recognize and appreciate that effort.

    Whether the Canyon College program is worthwhile -- well it has been around a while but I am not sure it is recognized by the ABOHN. That might be a good place to start investigating, if they will accept the program it is probably a good one.

    Hope this was helpful
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