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  1. I applied for a position at a factory and got called for a second interview.
    The first interview was at a company wide job fair and was very casual. The safety manager that interviewed me mentioned that he would like to have me meet with other personnel for the company. I am wondering if this is what the second interview entails. I was told that I was the first interview for the position and that corporate as only agreed to interview me at this point.

    Anywho, I am nervous for this interview. The first one was very relaxed and I learned that they are opening up an RN position and that I would over see RN's in place. My weak points are that I don't have an case management/work comp experience. I would be essentially doing things that haven't been done for the company as well before by a nurse as this is a new position. I felt I stumbled on questions related to employees with malingering injuries and work comp cases.

    Tips? Suggestions?
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  3. by   1wellnessnurse
    Don’t stress. I would answer the question about malingering worker’s in this way – I would use my team to find the best solution. I would work with the w/c insurance carrier, the occ. health doctor, and the employee’s manager. The idea is to get the employee back to work. I would let the w/c doctor know that you can accommodate a lot (alternate sitting and standing for comfort, light duty etc.).
    Respond to the question that we work as a team, document well, and help facilitate communication between the employee and the physician.
    Hope this helps.
  4. by   livingonadream
    Thanks for your response. The second interview was a long interview. I actually interviewed and then toured the plant. The company seemed receptive and enthusiastic. That interview was followed by a phone interview with an HR Talent Acquisition Manager and then today was another phone interview with the VP of Safety. Hopefully everyone has run out of questions.
    Today the HR Talent Manager talked with me on the phone and said things are looking great and hopefully everything will be through by the end of the week.

    Next problem is that it was originally a hourly wage job and now it's a salary. The originally asked my salary expectations, which I thought were low and kicking myself for after I told them. No one has mentioned a salary range or anything so I asked today. Yeah, even lower than my starting expectations. I am going to have to get my negotiating belt on. 50-55k is not going to work as I know I will go definitely be putting in the hours. Any suggestions anyone?
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    Ah what stress that was!
    Got the job. Interviewing and negotiations are sooo stressful!
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    Help I need tips im going to have my company nurse interview tomorrow. I actually applied at this new hotel in our city but though i had experience working in resort i feel like incompetent... I really wanna pursue this specialty its always my dream to belong in a specialty area...