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x-mas gift ideas for nursing staff

  1. 0 Other than the obvious FOOD I want to get a gift to leave up at the nurses station. Something like a book, puzzle, game, etc...

    PPL are always bringing food, I want to do something different.

    Help me think here.....
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    Is there a cd player? We couldn't do much with music during the day, but we sure did (quietly played, of course, ) at night.

    Cute pens? Someone once dropped off some very nice lanyards, that was cool.

    Maybe a calendar; they have some pretty funny tear-off ones out there.

    Gum is always helpful (and not exactly food).
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    If you want to give individual gifts to your nursing friends, how about pedometers? Everyone is trying to lose weight for the new year. And as a hint, they are supposed to clip onto your shoe and not your waist. Clipping onto the shoe gives a more accurate reading.

    You could also go into Burlington Coat, they sell Christmas Lipglosses 6 to a pack for $3.99. You could buy a couple of packages and throw them into a bowl, along with pedometers, and some other misc. things from the dollar store. Then everyone could get what they want. Make sure you put a sign on it saying, "TAKE ONE ITEM ONLY PLEASE."
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    How about some nice smelling hand cream to keep at the nurses station? always nice to put on at the end of the day after using the industrial strength soaps on your hands.
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    Quote from PattonD

    PPL are always bringing food, I want to do something different.

    Help me think here.....

    How about a subscription to a celebrity magazine to leave around the nurses station.

    On the other hand, you really can't go wrong with food. Everyone brings it because it's popular.
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    I love all these ideas, you gals are so smart.

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    An alternative to the usual foods might be a basket full of assorted teabags - try some specialty teas and some herbal or fruit teas, maybe some gourmet hot chocolate packages. Even when there's no time to eat it's nice to have a good drink to sip while charting. (When JCAHO isn't looking of course)
    You might consider an appliance such as a new coffee maker, coffee grinder, a smoothie maker, or even a new cd player for the unit as a whole. This might be something to get several cowrkers to go in on with you.
    On a small unit you can buy inexpensive mugs at the dollar store and use a (food dish safe) paint pen to personalize each one.
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    Even though it's sort of food related. I love it when people get us COFFEE... Like a big basket of different coffees, creamers etc...

    I also really like the idea of lotions, it's something that's always needed. One of our patients got us mini manicure sets one year, I think they were from mary kay? Chapstick is something that we always need in the winter months where we work.

    In our dept we really need a new coffee pot but no one's offered us one of those LOL...
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    Last year I gave everyone a Christmas card with a scratch off lotto ticket inside. One gal won $50.
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    Someone at our hospital always buys about 10 cases of microwave popcorn to stock the cupboards in the break room. We eat it throughout the whole year! Great for those busy shifts when you don't have time to eat a real meal!