WHNP scope of practice

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    I was wondering if anyone working in the field of ob/gyn as a nurse or in any other capacity would know about this:

    As a WHNP is having the RNFA cert helpful (to assist in hospital gyn surgeries or c-sections)? How often do WHNPs round on post-partum or ante-partum patients helping the ob/gyn out? I understand what the role of the CNM is, but i prefer to understand what the extent of a WHNP is in a hospital or clinic setting besides seeing patients for routine gyn care.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   klone
    That depends entirely on the practice. It would certainly be within a WHNP's scope to round on patients, and I imagine they could be first assist at surgeries with the right certifications.
  4. by   serenity1
    RNFA's do almost all the assisting in our L&D unit. We do not have WHNP's round at our facility, but they see patients at the doctor's offices. They do well woman check ups and some pre and post natal visits. They are awesome.