ultrasound certification course

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    [FONT='Arial Unicode MS']Is anyone familiar with the course entitled "limited third trimester ultrasound for the OB nurse" put on by the Professional Education Center? Good? Bad?

    [FONT='Arial Unicode MS']I'd like to get certified but am just not sure if this is the course to take. After course registration fees, airfare & hotel expenses it'll be around $1,100!

    [FONT='Arial Unicode MS']Thanks!

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    Check with your facility and see if they accept it.
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    If it is the one I think it is (taught by a Meredith Fresquez...or something close to that) I took it many years ago (80s or 90s?). I remember I felt it was a good course, and worthwhile to attend - but the "certification" was just for the didactic part - they still recommended that you get clinical practice back at your own facility, to be truly certified. Also, because it was given near me in southern California, I only had to spend somewhere between $100 and $200, if I recall correctly. Don't know if I would spend $1000. There's still nothing to compare with the day to day experience of just doing ultrasounds, and having someone more experienced pointing things out to you.
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    [font='arial unicode ms']yeah, it sounds like the same presenter... meredith freaquez.

    [font='arial unicode ms']my facility requires us to be certified (even if it is just in the didactic portion) before we’re allowed to “practice” on patients.
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    Quote from littlelisalawrence
    [font=arial unicode ms]my facility requires us to be certified (even if it is just in the didactic portion) before we're allowed to "practice" on patients.
    then they should pay for it!
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    i totally agree! but the best my nurse-manager said she could do is pay me my regular hourly rate for the hours that i'll be in the class (15 hours total). essentially that works out to paying for the class but i’ll still be responsible for travel and hotel expenses.
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    any new thoughts? Can a WHNP do they same thing-get limited ultrasound certification, how?

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