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Student Nurse - OB Rotation

  1. 0 Hi Guys - I am student nurse and although many aspects of maternity are exciting (I can't wait to work with the babies, the excitement of birth, etc) I am just unsure what functions and activities a student nurse will be involved in. Being male I just wonder how personal interactions are? I am not overly concerned, I currently work as an EKG tech and know most women are very open to male staff - but would be open to advise you can guys can give?

    I really do want this to be a good clinical -
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    Let's see. I did my OB clinical over the summer. I am going to assume that you realize that there is variation from school to school and from hospital to hospital...

    I was responsible for:

    1. Attending a C section. (to observe surgery)
    2. Performing a newborn assessment.
    3. Providing bath and immunizations to newborn babies.
    4. Assessing fundus height in post partum mothers.
    5. Hanging fluids/passing meds to laboring and post-partum women.
    6. Assessing bleeding of newly post-partum patients
    7. Inserting foley catheters
    8. Performing assessments in laboring and newly post-partum patients and their babies.
    9. Providing orientation to room and discharge teaching.

    We were not required to assess dilation of the cervix because the faculty felt that this was a skill more specific to that area of nursing and would be taught upon orientation to a floor if the student was interested.
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    That sounds almost exactly like me OB. We also go to take a trip up to the NICU where we mostly spectating. I also got to follow a lactation specialist nurse, but this was a large metro hospital.
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    Quote from baker1bv
    That sounds almost exactly like me OB. We also go to take a trip up to the NICU where we mostly spectating. I also got to follow a lactation specialist nurse, but this was a large metro hospital.
    We got to go NICU too and yes, it was observation only! We did not follow lactation specialist though. I did get a lot of breast feeding questions because I have breast fed two kids. New moms have lots of questions. <sigh>
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    I did my OB class recently and I got to see a C-section, and a few live births. However, my instructors called it "vaginal births" that kind of made me feel uncomfortable since I'm a guy. I was able to give a vitamin K injection, and eye ointment to the newborn; perform newborn assesment, and suction the neonate. However, the hardest part for me was communicating with the mother, as I had to ask her personal questions so I could fill in my stupid paper afterwards. And the fact that her father was with her in the room, and that she did not speak English very well, made it pretty tough. I think she thought I was trying to ask her out on a date or something. Anyway, I think most guys will do good in OB these days compared to previous years. I'm glad that I have completed that part of my degree, but I did enjoy my experience working with the OB RNs, and being with pregnant women and babies.
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    Another guy student nurse here,
    We did time in delivery and time in postpartum

    In delivery we helped with caring for mom prior to delivery
    During delivery we observed, c-sections and vaginal births

    In postpartum, we were assigned a nurse and we assisted with the care of all her assigned patients. I was lucky but some male classmates had patients that ere uncomfortable being cared for by a male nursing student. The nurse I worked with was great we entered each of her patients rooms and she introduced me to each saying "this is .... he is a male nursing student helping me with all of your care today, you don't have a problem with that do you?" no one objected and I assisted with fundus assessments, breast feedings, pad changes, icing , newborn assessments, .....

    We too followed the breast feeding specialists

    We also aided in discharge even verifying the vehicle had the carseat installed properly.
    It was a great experience .

    Good luck