Student Nurse 1st day on L&D floor tomorrow, any tips? Student Nurse 1st day on L&D floor tomorrow, any tips? | allnurses

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Student Nurse 1st day on L&D floor tomorrow, any tips?

  1. 0 I',m looking forward to the day, but want to be sure I'm on top of my skills--practiced cath and straight cath--any info? how often does this happen? also vit. K inject and hep B, hold baby's leg right? reflexes, usually the elbow area is this right, when checking after epi. (or use of magnesium for hypertension???). want to be on my game My professor or the actual nurse will be with me, but I want to be as prepared as I can be.
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    I'd say the best thing to do is listen, watch, and ask lots of questions. Usually in L&D they don't give you much free-reign, so be prepared to do a lot of just shadowing. YOu might get a little more freedom with postpartum patients. Also, I'd ask the nurse you are with to show you any procedure before you attempt it yourself. It is very different often on a real person and laboring women/new moms don't like to be a guinea pig and especially don't like their babies to be one.

    Good luck! L&D is an awesome place.
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    Thank you! I had such a great first day in my L&D clinical, alot of shadowing like you said, also helping coach during labor and delivery, seeing the beautiful newborn. Amazing. Wow. Loved it!
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    Wow TinaTM! Im glad you had a great first day in L&D. Im just finishing up my pre-reqs to apply to a RN program and I have thought about L&D as a career. Thanks for the posting.