Should I still apply?

  1. hi everyone,
    i've searched this site a lot and have found many other nursing students feeling the pressure to go into med/surg for a year or so straight out of school. i personally went into nursing because i knew that i wanted to work on a mom/baby unit. that was (and still is) my true goal. aside from my ob clinical, i was also in a class where only 10 students were picked (out of 64) and we all were able to choose an area that we'd like to spend more time in. i chose an ob floor and put this additional information on my resume hoping that that could show that i'm serious about wanting to work in this area. i wasn't, however, able to get an internship in this area like i'd hoped. i am wondering about the applying process though. most mom/baby, newborn nursery, & l&d areas of the hospitals i'm looking at all state something like, "minimum 2 years experience required". i would just like to hear from others if i should still apply or if these units seem to be pretty strict on this statement. also is any new grads on an ob floor have any suggestions about their application process or if any hiring nurses have any tips on what they look for, that all would be appreciated as well.

    p.s. i know that working as a tech is usually a good way to try and get a foot in, but 1) the hospitals closest to my college aren't currently hiring techs for any mom/baby unit (or if they are they are day shift, full time which i can't do because of school classes) and 2) my college is 2 hours away from my home, where i plan on moving back to once i graduate this may, so getting my foot in the door at a hospital around my school probably wouldn't benefit me if i want to move back home (besides possibly getting a recommendation letter or something).
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  3. by   ckh23
    It never hurts to apply regardless of what they say the "minimum experience" is. If your ultimate goal is OB and you are having difficulty finding a position you may have to work in another area to build your experience and pad your resume and then transfer to OB.
  4. by   serenity1
    Go for it. Some departments will hire new grads a different times of the year. I lucked out and got into post-partum right after graduation. My department was hiring new grads at the time. One thing I did was join AWHONN and had it on my resume. I was told it helped. We just hired a few new nurses--not new grads, but their experience was in the ER. Good luck!