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When I gave birth to my daughter, I had been up for 48 hours solid. I had PIH and had been vomiting for hours upon hours - and then pushed for three hours until she was born. My husband had been by my side, awake, for the entire... Read More

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    We (nurses) have to find the famous "golden mean"! It's not easy! Also because of our different characters.

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    Quote from Equinox_93
    Well- you definately have my admiration and lots of thank yous for recognizing how much nicer and more beneficial it is for everyone. It definately makes that hospital stay easier to stomach when you aren't having to deal with either tolerating a situation you don't want (being told you have to put your baby in that plastic box) or having to take a stand for what you want and deal with that conflict at a vulnerable time. So applause and huge bunches of thanks to you for it!!!
    I wish I would have known I could fight this, they said it was hospital policy and wouldn't allow it. I coslept at home though. All my kids when they got closer to a year i put in their cribs and slept with me on special occasions, my daughter though was not someone to sleep with me and she was my last baby and it broke my heart. Once she was put in her crib when she was older if I ever brought her to sleep with me she would not sleep, once I put her back in her crib she would be out like a light. She just turned 2 last Monday and my husband is working out of town *he never was a fan of co sleeping but I didn't care when they were babies* and I have brought her in a few times and she is getting a lot better about sleeing, she snuggles up close to me and puts her hand over me and makes me have my hand over her and i just love it! Anyway, I got off track, but I never knew it was something I could go against in the hospital.

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