Post partum gifts for parents?

  1. 0 What does your hospital give as a "gift" to the parents? My hospital is considering changing and we need new ideas! Halo sleep sack and celebration meal are our current "gifts". I need lots of ideas.
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    We too give a Halo Sleep Sack. We also give a tote bag (with our unit/hospital logo), a water bottle and a story book.
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    We give a celebration meal too. We also give a water jug with logo and a bag of toiletries (lotion, shampoo, hand sanitizer, kleenex). We give hand made pillows to the c-sections and stockings out at Christmas.
    The old hospital I worked at gave beautiful knit newborn caps to all babies-loved them!
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    Our hospital in Utah also has a beauty school that comes in and every mom gets to choose one spa treatment from a pedicure, hair cut, or facial. Moms love it and feel so pampered. They also have a candle light dinner and bag water jug etc...
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    Wow... we give nothing but a knitted cap volunteers make.
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    Quote from PinkNBlue
    Wow... we give nothing but a knitted cap volunteers make.
    Ditto...and that's if we weren't out. We would give out spoons with the hospital name and year on them. We had a bunch of 2011 spoons left over, and the manager wanted to give them out in 2012...LMAO!!!!

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