Plausible situation or not? Have you ever seen this Plausible situation or not? Have you ever seen this | allnurses

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Plausible situation or not? Have you ever seen this

  1. 0 I frequent a few different message boards and on one, a woman says she gave birth to twins. Her story just seems made up to me.

    She says she had several u/s during the pregnancy and never knew it was twins- this I have seen before so that is not what I find suspicious.

    What I find suspicious is that she said one twin weighed 11 lbs, the other 3 lbs. These were not identical twins, they were fraternal boy/girl so it's not like this was a case of tts.

    I've been in obstetrical nursing for many years and seen some odd things but never this big a weight discrepancy with full term twins so what do you think/know have you seen this before or do you think this is being made up?
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    Maybe she had a didelphic uterus.
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    I was thinking maybe some uterine anomaly as well. It sounds out there to me as well but we have all seen things that no one would believe if we told them.
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    Well there was no mention of that in her story but that could be a possible explanation.
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    i can't remember the exact name....but fetal "steal" syndrome, where one is getting all the nutrition and the other is stunted. But I wonder if they were actually conceived at the same time, it is not unknown for a woman to carry two fetuses, that are conceived at different times.....did they specify that the small one was really full term?
    Looked it up, placental steal syndrome....
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    Morte, how does that differ from TTTS?
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    Quote from klone
    Morte, how does that differ from TTTS?
    just looked it up, same thing.
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    If she was having serial ultrasounds for multiple gestation, and the provider was aware of such a big discrepancy in size, they should have induced her before the discrepancy became that dramatic. Sounds a little fishy to me too!