On-Q Pain Ball after c/sections

  1. Hello all, had quite an interesting question from an OB today concerning the On-Q Pain Ball used in the incision site after a c/section. The physician would actually be filling the ball with the appropriate medication, which I believe is bupuvicaine and for the first 2nd - 3rd days, moms can actually enjoy their precious bundles without the harsh side effects of narcotics........ Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this or is even using yet? Your reponses would be great. Thanks, and have a great night.rdnrs:

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  3. by   putmetosleep
    I don't work OB, but I have seen this used s/p pneumonectomy or VATS procedures with good pain relief.
  4. by   Erianne1074
    I've worked in Orthopedic Unit before and we have this Q ball esp among postop knee and shoulder surgery. Some of my patients seem to get along well with Q ball but for those who are dependent on narcotics prior surgery, they usually ask for additional pain narcotics.

    I guess it depends on certain patients, or a case to case basis.
  5. by   RNBelle
    i work PP and we don't use that and I haven't seen any on our floor for our c-section moms.
  6. by   MemphisOBRNC
    We tried this a couple of times at Bartlett and did not have much success. We haven't used it again since.
  7. by   HeatherB,CST
    I have heard tale of good results with On-Q after abdominoplasty, not exactly-c-sections but kinda similar?.?. Also, my mom had it with her second total knee and was THRILLED with the difference in post-op pain compared to the first one.
  8. by   RNmommy
    We used them at the lost hospital I worked at. We still had to administer narcotics because the On-Q only works for incisional pain but does not cover afterpains or gas pain associated with c-section. Kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think?
  9. by   The Little Greek
    We use OnQ pumps for c/s but honestly pt's still have a great deal of pain and still request Vicodin. The pumps seem to leak a lot so dressings are constantly being reinforced and tegaderm changed. My pt's have complained that carrying around the OnQ pump (while also dealing with and IV pump and sometimes a foley) is more trouble than it's worth. When I've asked pt's that are rpt c/s if they can tell a difference, most say they can't. Often we end up removing the pump after a day or two because the pt's request it.