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nursing policy on handling infant that is not bathed - page 7

We have recently been having more and more parents who request their newborn NOT to receive an admission bath and shampoo. Sometimes these infants are not bathed for their entire stay. We do follow... Read More

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    We do immediate skin to skin for at least the first two hours. Our policy is to wait at least 6-8 hours for the first bath, or the first successful breastfeed if it takes longer. We generally do baths on postpartum in the crib and immediately move skin to skin for rewarming. The only babies bathed immediately after birth are HIV or hepatitis moms.
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    Hm, you don't gel in and out and nurses have the grossest germs on their hands...boy that would make me feel good about being a patient in your hospital!
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    My son was not bathed for 9 days until his belly cord came off. The rationale behind it is that the vernix protects the baby's fragile skin and helps to create a bond when the mother can smell her baby.

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    I took a class about 5 years ago and was told then that if the baby was "dunked" in its own tub (i.e. pink bucket) the risk for infection was the same as if you waited until the cord dried and fell off. I'll see if I can find the studies.