Maternal Newborn vs Low Risk Neonatal

  1. Not sure if this thread should be in the NICU or Ob-Gyn Nursing discussion board . . . So, I am putting it in both

    I work in a hospital that combines L/D, PP, Normal Newborn and LII Nursery, and PEDS all together in one unit. I do everything except L/D. Got to love those ladies that do though!!! To my question...

    I am planning to test for certification and am torn between the exam for Low Risk Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Newborn Nursing. All I know is I don't have enough experience for the NICU exam. :imbar and that is not my area of comfort anyway. I stabilize and ship those poor babes. Our facility is not set up for the care they need.

    I looked at the practice questions (all 5) for each exam and they actually had 3 questions that were exactly the same! When I finished that very short example of questions I knew I was not getting an accurate feeling of either test as I ended up thinking... If that's all it is I can test right now! And from what I have heard honestly that is not an accurate feeling. I know no matter which certification I choose I am going to have to find resources to study and hopefully a practice test that is a bit more challenging, or at minimum a book with practice questions.

    Any and all feedback is welcome. I have talked with my nurse manager about what she thought but it doesn't seem to matter which certification I am referring to at the time (been stressing about this for over a year now!) she has the same response, "Oh, that certification has the highest number of failures by test takers!" Gotta lover her, she is a ray of sunshine. !!!

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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    From what you describe your job as being, it sounds like you could test for either M-N or Low-risk Neonatal.

    All other things being equal, I'd test on the area I liked the most as it would be easier to study for. I've got the cert test as a goal in the next year or so and am leaning toward newborn (I do m/b and newborn nursery). Good luck!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I agree with the above post. good luck!