Lactation consultants - has anyone taken BreastEd/Health E-learning courses? | allnurses

Lactation consultants - has anyone taken BreastEd/Health E-learning courses?

  1. 0 I'm getting my ducks in a row in order to sit for the IBCLC next July, and I still need my 45 lactation education hours. I was going to take the BreastEd courses. Each course is worth 12 hours, and they offer 10 different courses. So I'm looking at taking 4-5 of the courses, but I'm wondering which ones I should take to most fully cover the exam blueprint. I wish I could take all 10, but finances and time don't allow for that.
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    Yes, I took a bunch of them before sitting the July 2005 exam but can't even remember which ones specifically without looking back.
    Rather than picking the broadest subjects, I chose the ones that I thought I was weakest in, that way I was getting more practice in those weak areas.
    BTW, I also got their exam practice thingee when the time got closer.
    I was pretty happy with my experience with them!
    You will do great!
    Feel free to email or pm me if you want to know more-
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    Thank you! I'm sure I will be emailing you as the months progress and I work towards this. I think I figured out which four classes I'm going to take. I am planning on doing their test prep, too!