L & D Preceptorship Tips??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just found out I will be doing my preceptorship in L & D and I can't believe how lucky I got ... I am so excited! I only have two days of experience there because that's all we were allocated in our clinicals. Since my clinicals started, I've worked on 2 med surg floors as well as oncology, but I always wanted more time in L & D.

    My question is for L & D nurses out there. I want to ensure I make the most of this experience and put my best foot forward, as this is really important to me. I'm hoping you might be willing to share some advice as far as what you would like to see in a student on the L & D floor. I mean obviously I know important things like organization and time management, which I believe are a strength of mine, but I was just wondering if you might be able to share any tips with me or anything that would make you feel good about having a student on your floor.

    I hope that makes sense, like I said I just want to be the best that I can be and I really value the opinions of the professionals!!

    Thank you!!! :heartbeat :heartbeat :heartbeat
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  3. by   bosnanurse
    Hi, I am teaching in this area . I set standards for my students knowledge and level skills and expect it there. I do not know what are goals and objectives that you have for the clinical experience from the school but I would for sure start there . Nurses always almost expect the same : student who can decipher lochia that is moderate - high, high temp and pain level,where is the uterus, and child who needs to be fed, changed, assessed. Everything else is very well on you . If you want I can send you a document that I usually send to my students with underlining what I want but again it is school specific.
  4. by   Tinker Bell RN
    Bosnanurse - that would be awesome if you can send that to me, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!
  5. by   Cranzy
    Bosnanurse, could you also please send that document to me as well? I'm starting my OB clinical in two weeks!

    Thank you so much!
  6. by   LoveANurse09
    Aaah,brings me back. I dod my clinical preceptorship in L&D almost 2 years ago. I just recently accepted a job on that very same unit!
    Things move very quickly. Remember to jump in there and help out wherever you can. There will probably be alot you don't know. But you can always hold a leg during pushing,get water, blankets, support for the parents! I would sit down with my nurse after the delivery (when there was time to talk) and ask my questions. Why did you do this? What should I tell the mother if this happens? What should I do if this happens again? etc..
    My preceptor would try to let me feel cervixes on our epidural moms, if they were willing. That way they could not feel what I was doing, since I really didn't know what I was doing!
    Have fun and ask lots of questions, show your interest. Make a point to meet the manager! That way she'll remember you if you have a chance to apply for a position.