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Does your facility require your antepartum patients be on a tele monitor if you're administering those medications?... Read More

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    Quote from JoPACURN
    Definitely for labetolol (beta blocking can be overdone)
    Hydralazine needs continuous BP.
    Are you talking about an arterial line for continuous BP monitoring? Just wondering, we push both meds for pre-eclampsia but don't have tele. We just do frequent BP monitoring following admin, and some will stretch the VS check to 20 minutes as that is likely peak of effect of med.

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    referring to our postpartum pts with BP issues. We can do one dose of IVP Labetalol and Hydrazaline, if this does not reduce BP, they go back to L&D where they can be more closely monitored (still no tele).
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    We require a nurse to monitor the tele while we are pushing the labetalol. It can cause ventricular arrhythmias.
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    At my hospital tele nurses can push both, for hydralazine just frequent b/p checks for labatelol must be on telemonitor like a bedside telemon. On the medsurg floor medsurg nurses cannot push either a doc has to but the same rules apply except we just grab the lifepack from the crash cart when pushing labatelol because the beside telemons are reserved for the tele floor only. Labatelol is a betablocker and can change pulse rate as well as blood pressure and cause ekg changes as well.
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    We give both on L/D. No tele. 1:1 care. VERY freq VS.
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    This is intersting! We ususally push Labetalol if needed in L&D and reading on here it can cause Ventricular Arrhythmia. Has anyone ever come across a situation like that or a reason tele was warranted. Just curious. Thanks!

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