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    While I love it, this article is missing something that most providers require in their professional reading, references. And statistics. And peer reviews. And...

    Obviously, it is difficult to design a blind randomized trial to document low intervention birth. There is not a lot of money to be made in low intervention birth and therefore not a lot of money for such a study if it could be designed well.

    Furthermore, most providers, including many midwives, are very focused on only what is within their comfort zones. Often those things are the ones from the peer reviewed journals and conferences. While I'm not against such things, they are the high tech things more often than not that are, or should be, geared towards higher risk patients who could benefit from such interventions. If someone, <ahem> such as an unassuming RN, were to suggest that the income might be just as good or even better if a particular mother was simply left alone, it usually goes over like a fart in church.

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    * outcome* might be better, not income. Funny error though. Haha!
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    Agreed- the woman is NUTS!!!!!!!!!!
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    I can't stand Amy!

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