Inpatient OB RNC...what to study???

  1. Hello~
    Can anyone please give me good advice on what book to study from for taking my RN Certification exam from Inpatient OB??? I have 6 yrs experience but in a low risk facility. I hear that the test is very in depth and hard. I have no idea where to start. Thanks for any info you can give. I am taking it in May.
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  3. by   AllisonRN
    Hello...I was researching some information about earning the RNC credential. CCPR (The Center for Certification Preparation and Review) has a website where one can order online practice examinations, examination study workbooks and EFM casebooks. The website is Hopefully this might be of some help to you.

    Best Wishes
  4. by   luv l&d
    After 30yrs in L and D, I decided to take the RNC. I re-read Williams Obstetrics and took a practice test from 2 or 3 yrs ago. I also attended a refresher class on Newborn care (I strictly do Ante's and Labors, no babies). The test was helpful as I had not taken a "professional" test since boards ,when they were a 2 day test. Took me most of the summer to review slowly, but I did get my RNC.
  5. by   webbiedebbie
    I also studied Williams Obstetrics and did the workbook. I also studied a book called OB-GYN Secrets and another one I can't remember but it was also paperback. I trained in L&D as a new grad and sat for the certification exam 2 yrs later and passed!

    I also took a certification review class that was offered.

    Good luck!
  6. by   mnofziger
    Hi, I am in the same place you were last year with about 6 years experience in a low risk facility. Was wondering how you did with your test and how you studied. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Michelle
  7. by   babyktchr
    I highly recommend a review course. I took the exam 10 years ago (and it was really like taking boards all over again) and thought that was a better route than reading a textbook (although a great resource). The test is quite comprehensive, so if you aren't up on newborn care and breastfeeding, you may have issues. Professional Education Center has a nice review course. Good luck to you.
  8. by   heather092800
    I need some HELP. I know this is an older thread, but Ive been studying for the exam and I dont feel like Im getting anywhere. Maybe Im just getting bogged down in the info. I work in a level 3, so I take care of these patients all the time....its just understanding how they ask the question. I just had a couple of specific questions.....are there a certain number of items on the exam set or does it just cut off when you reach a certain number correctly, like it does when you take boards? Also, are they all multiple choice format, or have 3 or 4 answers, etc. I just like to know little details like this so I can mentally prepare myself. Thanks so much for your time!!! You can email me at if youd like. Thanks!!