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Hello. I am a student nurse with a job in L&D this summer. I overall like the unit but there are several things that I find strange. One of the things I found strange was when I asked the nurse manager what kind of resources are... Read More

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    LDRN - just out of curiosity - do you know why the NILMDTS people won't photograph babies <25wks where you are? I find that really curious, and I don't recall it being an issue here.

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    I searched for the email regarding this, but it appears I have deleted it. I could have sworn that the photographer said it was a policy that NILMDTS had, not the individual photographer.
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    Quote from LDRNMOMMY
    We do the same here here. We also have a photographer affiliated with NILMDTS, we are overseas so this is amazing! Unfortunately they will not come to photograph a demise that is less than 25 weeks. We did have a photographer come for a 22 week demise informed us of their policy, but she took photos anyway. We also have plaster mixes to make casts of the baby's feet, when the condition permits. I have seen a set of the feet a co-worker made for the 22 week demise, and they were a perfect set of feet!

    There is also a perinatal loss support group that meets monthly at one of the base chapels.
    Parents love the feet. It's a real tangible reminder their baby actually existed. We usually take a couple of sets in case one doesn't turn out. I wish we had a way to use a permanent material like bronze instead of plaster. My friend lost a thirty weeker a few years ago and she said if she were only allowed to keep one of her possessions, it would be the plaster casts of her baby feet and hands.
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    Quote from ducknurse
    We have a share program that deals with everything from sab's to 40 week demises. We have 2 Share co-ordinators. If u want any info, let me know and I can send it your way!!

    Hi, I am an L&D Nurse and I have recently been placed in charge of our fetal demise program...which currently is not very organized. Does your facility have any policies / procedures / demise forms etc...that they would be willing to share just so I have something to go by. Our forms what few there are, are so outdated and incomplete in ways. I would appreciate any assistance I can get.

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    ...I would really appreciate the forms and policies...thanks
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    sorry...put attention Dana Ware on the fax.
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    What is the area code?
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    I am a NILMDTS photographer and area coordinator for the organization in Kentucky and also in school to be a RN. The reason for the policy of "no service for less than 25 week gestational babies" is to control the sheer amount of calls photographers get. It takes a lot from the photographers to do these sessions. The session is not so bad but the editing can be quite emotionally draining, esp. if there is skin tears and bruising. We love to serve these families but don't want the photographers to get burned out.

    That being said I have done a session of a 22 weeker. The baby was in good condition and that makes a big difference. The program also offers editing services only for the hospital for photos nurses take.
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    We try and keep them in a room as far from post-partum mom's as possible (to avoid the sound of crying babies). A comfort cart with food, drinks, and music is brought for the family. We ask them if they want the baby on their chest when it is delivered. After the initial delivery and baby brought to chest we wrap the baby and give the parents as much time as they want. They get a sentimental box for foot prints, a lock of hair, picture, ect. There is a special decorated box the baby can be placed in that absorbs any fluids and is then placed in a bassinet.
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    Can you please send me an outline or whatever form your nursing protocols may be in? We need to get more sensitive care going for parents with many of our hospitals, would love to see it.
    J.Valliere, MH Consultant, Child Death Review, MCH Office of Public Health, Louisiana. Thanks and God bless.
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