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Hello, I just finished my preceptorship and will be graduating in December. I really enjoyed my clinical rotations in OB/GYN, but there are no male nurses. My longterm goal is to be a NICU nurse. I... Read More

  1. by   ArgentumRN
    Quote from lovemyjoblandd
    You totally have a right to your opinion; however, I happen to think it is wrong lol. I was in the army for 10 years, just got out in sept. my last 3 were spent as an RN in an LDRP. We had male Soldiers ( very manly men, mostly were medics who went to m6 school) who worked with us and while mot didn't choose to be there ( you know how the army is) they were still great nurses on our ward. We also had male civilian nurses who worked in the ICN and thy were some of the most passionate, caring, amazing ( and not at all feminine) nurses I know. No, our field isn't for everyone, but of you truly have a passion for it then you should pursue it with all your might. Someone saying a Male shouldn't because its "feminine" is like saying a woman shouldn't be in politics ( or bodybuilding or attorneys or whatever else) because it is " masculine"

    Well said!
  2. by   koolmaditz
    I say go for your passion, I have been in postpartum for over 6 years, and love it!!!! Most women obviously don't mind their male OB/ GYN why should they mind a male nurse? At the end of the day a nurse is a nurse and your there to do a job!!!!! Good luck in whatever path you choose!
  3. by   deann52
    We have 2 male techs on our L&D and the patient's have no issues. They work in the labor room, OR and we have never had any issues. Go for it NICU is totally open as well!