Hoping for some advice on Preceptorship

  1. Hi, I'm an LPN-RN bridge student and am in my last semester. My instructor gave me the choice between the Antepartum/APU and Mother/baby. I went with APU and was hoping to get some advice from some nurses. My program kind of just skimmed over OB stuff since in LPN school we had extensive clinicals in OB. However, I've been out of LPN school for 6 years and I feel I'm a bit rusty on OB. Could someone give me some pointers on what I can expect on the APU and/or things I should brush up on? Should I have gone with Mother/Baby? I don't want my preceptorship to stress me out so bad and hate it, so I'm wondering if maybe Mother/ Baby is a little less stressful? I want to learn and get some good experience, but I don't want to be so stressed I can't stand it! Any help would be so great!!!!
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  3. by   RunBabyRN
    Have you been reviewing your textbooks at all? That can be really good. Start from there.
    At first, you'll observe your nurse and how she does things. Ask questions as appropriate, and be open to new information.
    Did you choose to be in that unit? Did you have options like med/surg, or was this chosen for you?
  4. by   nursenicolea
    No but I'm going to pull out my old LPN Maternal nursing book and new one as well. I listed my top 3 choices of where to go and the instructor basically tried to match us up with whatever spots were available (limited due to other schools competing for these spots plus our instructor not exactly the best at being "on the ball"). My first choice was L&D, second choice was oncology, third was ER or med/Surg. No L&D spots but there was APU and mother/baby available and I told her I was leaning toward APU because I felt I would learn more and be able to relate it to med surg somewhat, so kind of a win win. Maybe I'm wrong. I could possibly find my own preceptor on the oncology floor but maybe the APU would help me decide on a career path a little more.
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    Anyone have any thoughts?
  6. by   passionflower
    If you have access to a library and since you are a student I'm sure you do, see if you can access AWHONN ob textbook. They have a great section all on Antepartum care. Things to look for, assessments and test that are required pre-term and some of the problems that they face. If you plan to go into OB you can always get the e-book on kindle for about 30-40 bucks i believe.
  7. by   nursenicolea
    Thanks! I'll certainly look into it. Not sure if I want OB, but I know I enjoyed Oncology when I worked at an outpatient chemo facility as a medical assistant. I guess we'll see!!