Free Perinatal CEUs

  1. Hi! I am currently a SENIOR and just received my capstone placement in L&D - I am beyond excited and cannot wait to begin! One of our class requirements is to complete at least one professional nursing CEU activity and complete a write up. I am already an LVN and have my complete CEU requirements for the next renewal, but none of them are L&D specific.

    So, are there any sites that offer free (or minimal cost) CEU specific to perinatal care? I am a member of AWHONN, but don't need the large volume courses I'm seeing there, just one that is 2 - 3 contact hours!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  3. by   MsNurseMS
    check out medscape
  4. by   punkydoodlesRN
    I had looked at medscape, and countless others. Anything more than around 1.8 hrs was a paid thing, which I wouldn't mind doing if I didn't already have everything I needed for my 2014 renewal!!

    I gave up and took AWHONN's basic fetal monitoring. I'm about 1/2 done now. It was more than I wanted to pay for this assignment, but realized it can't hurt when I'm trying to land a L&D job as a new grad.
  5. by   DebblesRN is pretty cheap and has a lot of maternal child health CBLs. You can pay per course, or get an unlimited membership for like 30 bucks for one year.
  6. by   lakec4me
    Breast Feeding Training has several free breastfeeding modules. Also, check out the abbot nutrition site for more free contact hours.
  7. by   nenawill70
    NURSE.COM- sign up and look for free CEUs. good luck