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Foley placement BEFORE anesthesia?? - page 4

Ok where I'm working atm they put the foley in the mom BEFORE the spinal. Yeah in the triage room where she is waiting to go back for her csection. I think its crazy. I was use to placing the... Read More

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    Yeah, where I work, GA is pretty uncommon. We have very few true "splash and slash" C/S.
    I think, when it looks like things are heading in that direction, we encourage the woman to get an epidural so that she's already ready to go and won't need GA.
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    Our unit has it's own surgical suites and our own OR teams who come and do our c/s's. We place our foley's after spinal. These women are very sensitive down there, much more than non-pregnant women. The OR staff is part of our team and our policy is to treat our patients with care and respect in our hospital. We do what is best and least painful so it's after for us unless it's a emergency.