Early decel? or Variables?

  1. 0 I say it's early decels..... but it's variables... how? explain.


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    They're variable because they dip abruptly and they're more than 15 bpm below the baseline. Early decels are more gradual in decrease and shallow.

    Variables can still mirror the contraction the same way earlies do. That's usually caused by cord compression (such as a nuchal cord).
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    I would have never treated this as variables..... Ugh, makes me nervous. To me the FHT didn't look like it was an abrupt drop like variables are.
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    I would have called them variable too--too deep, too long, and though they mirror and recover that is not a strip I would be sitting on for long. Early decels to me are shallower by a LOT.

    I would probably have documented these as complicated variable decels occurring with each contraction with spontaneous return to baseline and included the depth and length.
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    Definitely Variable decels and it seems like they would be recurrent (even though it technically doesn't show a full 20 min strip, lets assume this continues like it is). As others have already stated, Early decels are shallower.
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    Definitely variable, as the drop from baseline to nadir is less than 30 secs. This is where you really have to count out your seconds because any longer and they certainly could've been early. Some very well could've been on that line. Early decels can be deep, its all in the timing of their descent that counts. You will certainly fight providers over the timing issue.

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