constipation and contractions

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    If someone is constipated can that cause them to have contractions?

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    contractions of what?

    They used to give enemas to stimulate labor (or eliminate one impedance to labor's effective, that being stool in the lower bowel). Is that what you're asking?
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    Diarrhea can give you uterine contractions. I had a pt with diarrhea admitted for rule out pre-term labor b/c she felt contractions and we saw them on the monitor. No cervical change though, so I think she was sent home after more monitoring and IV hydration.
    Not sure about constipation, but I would like it would be the opposite and NOT cause contractions.
    But not really sure.
    Why do you ask?
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    constipation can cause a lot of issues, mostly being uncomfortable and the thought that you are having contractions. Has a patient once who was EXTREMEMLY constipated and she swore she was in labor. Her impaction was so great that you could not do a vaginal exam because of the blockage. It was painful to even think about. We gave her two enemas and cleared her and she felt like a new woman, and she was not in labor. I have had many patients like this and you can feel it when you do vag exams. I can only imagine that it can certainly feel miserable like contractions.
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    Yes, constipation can cause uterine contractions and exacerbate preterm labor.
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