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Ok so witnessed my first circumcision the other day. I have to say...I hope I don't have to see another. The doctor used nothing for pain while he put hemastats and cut the babys foreskin. The... Read More

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    Quote from CrunchyMama
    Absurd that doctors use sucrose for pain relief such as that endured by a circumcision.
    It *should* be simply one of several pain relief measures used, *including* a dorsal penile nerve block. But it should not be discounted as an ineffective method, just as massage or music should not be discounted as an effective tool for pain relief during childbirth, even though those methods alone are not going to take away a woman's pain entirely.
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    Nope I took the baby back to the nursery for the procedure and didnt leave his side. No cream was applied.

    Quote from NicuGal
    Was there EMLA cream applies before that you didn't know about? We use either EMLA or lidocaine, depending on the OB recommendation. We also give Tylenol when they start and for 24 hours after. Your practice committee needs to take a serious look at this.
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    Okay - now back to the topic: pain relief during circumcision. This is NOT a debate as to the rightness or wrongness of circumcision - please stay on topic. Thanks.
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    The AAP's current policy statement is that all infants should have adequate pain management during and after the procedure. ACOG agrees with the AAP and states that "pain control should be provided. Swaddling, oral sugar solutions, or acetaminophen may be given as well, but should not be used as the primary method of pain relief."

    American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Circumcision. Circumcision policy statement. Pediatrics 2012; 130:585.
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    I think we need to start a new thread if we want to debate circ itself :/
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    If you wanna...I honestly just started the thread wanting to know if just usung the sucrose and Tylenol afterwards was the usual practice..
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    I believe that mandatory pain management of infants being circumcised should become a law and that doctor who don't use pain relief be banned from practicing medicine. I hate that we go totally out of the way to be sure adults are comfortable which itself is great but little consideration is given to babies which totally disgusts me. What the conscious mind does not remember the subconscious never forgets.
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    absolutely no. Usually lido... sugar water helps but not 100%... Even AAP recommends pain relief. You are your patient's advocate... but if you are worried, perhaps find some literature and show your coach (or whoever is training you) and go from there.
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    We use lidocaine, upper body swaddling, and sucrose at time of procedure and tylenol after. It's barbaric and wrong to do it without a nerve block

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