Can i be a mother/baby nurse if I have never had kids? - page 2

This may seem like a silly question, but the reason I bring it up is because not only have i never had kids, I have no experience at all in mother/baby, only my clinical (im a nursing student... Read More

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    You'll be fine. I think when people ask if you have kids it's their way of knowing if you've been where they are. I can tell a BFing mom that I know what that first latch feels like when you 'know' baby's got it. I can say, yes, it does get easier and you'll figure this out. Sometimes when they ask they just want some reassurance that they are not the only person in the world who's dealt with [insert issue here]. But just because you have no kids or have never breastfed, or never had a c/section (or whatever) does not mean you're incapable or even that the pt thinks you're incapable. I know plenty of great nurses on my L&D/PP floor that don't have kids. You'll be alright. If you're a good nurse, you're a good nurse.

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    I told my mom the other day that I decided I was going back to school to become a midwife. I wondered aloud to her how others would look at me knowing that I have never given birth myself. My mother reminded me that male OB/GYN's have never given birth either. I smiled and said "Your right!!!" Duh... lol I will always remember the little light bulb that went off in my head when she said this. If all goes as planned I will make it through the program by the time I am 31. I will have my kids then
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    Of course you can : ) All NICU nurses didn't have a baby in NICU. All ICU nurses have not been a patient there.

    Agree completely with the study and evidence based practice comments. Join AWHONN and read, go to meetings, conventions etc. GO to the annual Mother Baby conf the Neonatal network hosts. It's going to be in LVegas in 2013.
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    One of our best pediatricians was unable to have children...I have never had a baby (yet) and have had patients come up to me months later and say "my friend is having a baby, I told her to request you as her nurse!" Oncologists haven't all had cancer...
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    I was unable to have my children "naturally" and had to have c-sections...doesn't mean I can't help a woman in labor! You will be fine! I'd be more concerned if you said "If I hate teaching can I still be a mother/baby" nurse...cause that job is largely teaching!

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