Can i be a mother/baby nurse if I have never had kids? - page 2

This may seem like a silly question, but the reason I bring it up is because not only have i never had kids, I have no experience at all in mother/baby, only my clinical (im a nursing student... Read More

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    One of our best pediatricians was unable to have children...I have never had a baby (yet) and have had patients come up to me months later and say "my friend is having a baby, I told her to request you as her nurse!" Oncologists haven't all had cancer...
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    I was unable to have my children "naturally" and had to have c-sections...doesn't mean I can't help a woman in labor! You will be fine! I'd be more concerned if you said "If I hate teaching can I still be a mother/baby" nurse...cause that job is largely teaching!

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