Baby with RSV at home

  1. 0 If you are an OB nurse and you have a baby with RSV at home - does your hospital have any kind of a policy about this?

    Do you still go to work on the floor?
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    As long as you are not ill, there is no reason why you cannot come to work.
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    One would hope that you are following basic infection control techniques both in the hospital and at home. That means washing her hands and changing clothes before leaving for work and following standard precautions with all patients. So it wouldn't be good for the nurse to allow her baby to cough and sneeze all over her scrubs and then wear them to work and hold the healthy babies against her scrubs.

    Provided the nurse does not have RSV, there is no reason she shouldn't go to work, as she can't pass on RSV if she does not have it.

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