14 weeks pregnant

  1. ๐Ÿ‘‹ I am 14 weeks pregnant I I'm worried as to why I'm bleeding only when I urine I'm not soaking up pads just spotting on the pads but when I do go urine there's blood coming out it's like if I have my period today I had a ultrasound appointment and the lady said that she see something in there but she couldn't find a heartbeat she didn't sound too concerned... need some help and opinions not sure if I should be worried and go to the emergency room or wait till I see my doctor cuz I went to the ER and they basically didn't tell me anything. This been going on since Saturday. Another thing is when I asked the lady that did the ultrasound she basically said that it was normal if there was no heartbeat yet. In both ultrasounds the one at the hospital and at the Family Health Clinic they did both ultrasounds the one they scan on your stomach and then the one they put inside your private area I don't feel like I'm getting the answers I need just more of a Running round
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    As per terms of use we cannot provide medical advice on this forum. This topic will be closed by the admin.
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    I wish I could help you, but we're not allowed to give medical advice. Best of luck to you.