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Hi Has anyone gone to paperless Epic charting in Labor andDel or Post Part?... Read More

  1. by   quazar
    I have done Epic for L&D at a few hospitals, and I will say this: it's different at each hospital, to a degree, what they require for charting and what they don't. The hospital where I learned Epic for L&D had a very long, complicated, not streamlined form of charting, and it really DID take forever to do anything for one patient. On the other hand, at another hospital where I worked, they had Epic super streamlined and tailored to L&D, and the charting was fast and easy and I could fly through it no problem.

    As far as your navigator tabs (triage, admission, discharge), those are just something that take time learning to get through, and repetition will make you faster. When I first started doing the triage/admission navigators I was really slow, but now I can fly through it because I'm used to it and know what to expect.

    Epic can be a complicated system, but once you learn it it's actually a decent EMR in my opinion.

    Edited to add: the previous poster hits on another crucial tip, the "required documentation" tab. I always keep that open on my sidebar, and it makes my life SO much easier. That feature is a huge help.