Wheres everyone located? A thread of location and service

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    I live in Sussex, currently been trained for 5 years . I'm a staff nurse in ortho.....
    Where's everyone else from and what are you all doing?!
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    I live in central Texas. I'm a staff nurse on a progressive care unit with 17 months of experience
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    Essex/London border, working in London as a HCA. Unable to go to Uni at the moment due to personal issues, but may be an RN one day
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    Trained in Wales, qualified for 22 years.

    Surgery, advanced practice and management
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    US trained (FSU/Delaware), 12 years experience with masters. Bank/A&E in Cheshire. Just accepted ANP position at GP surgery in the Peaks District.
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    US trained RN based in NY. Originally from the UK, been here 12 years and now a dual citizen. Currently working in radiology - ED for 5 years prior to that. Also work as a paramedic for a busy NYC system.