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Hello there ! Do you now how long it's normally takes to get registered as a nurse to MNC after all your documents have been sent ? Thank you... Read More

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    There is a red-hot topic about foreign nurses trying to get to the USA, so it goes both ways:

    Like Zippy said, jobs from overseas are very few and far between nowadays. A lot of the posts here about people who are serious about moving over and taken steps to do so are married partners of a UKC, like I am.

    We don't plan to go over until after we have children, but as his spouse, I think it's okay for me to get a job in the UK, just as it's okay for him to get a job as a teacher here in the USA. From a cost perspective, hiring an experienced RN (especially in a specialty like NICU) is a lot cheaper than training someone with less experience...of course, I actually have to be licensed and I'm not sure if the NMC will allow me to do so, which may make it all moot

    I really hope that you can get a job soon. Things are fairly desperate over here in the states for new grads. There are so many new grads who have been looking for a job for over a year and it's terrible because they were told by society that once you have a nursing degree, your career is set for whatever you'd like.

    One of my friends in Birmingham just got a job after a few months recently--keep your chin up!

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    Hi all, I have just completed the ONP and sent a form to the NMC a few days ago. Anyone out there with experiences in regards to waiting time for registration fee form and the actual release of PIN? I am planning to travel and want to plan well coz I dont want to miss that final? letter from the NMC.

    Cheers, Sunny
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    Hello, i would like to ask if the post experience required needs to be paid or my voluntary experience for 1 year in a hospital will count? Thank you
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    NMC only mentions 1year full time or part time equivalent. Doesn't mention paid or unpaid. Suggest you clarify with the NMC directly
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    An email that I receive from them stated it can be voluntary. If your not sure, email them. They will get back to you in a few days.
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    anyone here from California trying to get registered as nurse in the UK?
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    It shouldn't matter which state you are applying from; just your education, which is pretty standard throughout the US (although you do need your BSN).
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    Hello babyRN,

    The reason why I asked was because I just recently sent out the form from the 2nd pack for license verification to CA Board of Nursing and just wanted to know if anyone had any problems with them filling out the form completely and how long it took them to send out the form back to the NMC. My friend from Hawaii, who just finished her ONP, said that the Hawaii BON was able to fill out the form with no issues. However, someone that i know from another state, wasn't able to complete the form and refused to fill out "the good character section" for legal purposes. I am just hoping that CA doesn't give me a hard time.
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    hello everyone!!

    i understand that NMC asks for 1 year of post experience. i am an overseas trained nurse. can the post experience be full time clinical instructor in a college of nursing or does it have to be hospital experience??? can anyone shed a light on it?? would really appreciate. thanks !!!
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    juno, I'm sorry; I don't know. I would send in a letter explaining it's purpose is for registration in another country and talking to the admins on the phone directly to get clear answers.

    Olympia, you're probably better off e-mailing the NMC to ask them. They are usually pretty good about e-mailing responses. went to nursing school and then immediately became a clinical instructor? That doesn't sound very safe to me.

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