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Nursing degree in London

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    As I am 18 I will soon be making the life-chaning choice of where I will be going to uni, but I have a problem that someone may be able to help me with. I was born in England and am still a British citizen, but as I have not lived in the UK the 3 years prior to my degree I am not eligible for UK nursing programs because I cannot use the NHS funding. Any known loopholes?

    Thank you so much!!
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    Why should there be loopholes? Many people are trying to get into nursing school who already live in the UK. Do you plan on staying in the UK after you have done your training?
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    Yes I want to return to living in England as that's where all my family is! And I prefer the way the program is
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    It is so hard to find a uni in uk because of the NHS funding. It really sucks. Do you know of any that accepts international students
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    I found one uni...University of Hull
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    Quote from blancarosag06
    I found one uni...University of Hull
    Make sure they offer the areas required if you plan on working back in the US as training in the UK doesn't always meets US/Canada requirements.