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  1. 0 Hi all, new to this forum and looking for help and advice. I have an interview coming up for a band 6 and I have to do a presentation. Topic has already been giving; 'supporting the ward manager as guardian of clinical standards and quality care'. Any help would be grateful as I have went totally blank.
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    What's a "band 6"? Can you clarify?
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    UK RNs start out as a band 5, its a new grad, then can progress to a 6 which is more senior. The band 6 nurses have more responsibility, usually in charge of students, HCAs and students, maybe also some budget control as well. Department managers are usually a 7.
    The band does tell you which specialty, these grades apply to all in the NHS, including paramedics and physical therapists. Its just a way of standardizing pay according to experience and responsibility.

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