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    Hi guys! I am planning to work in UK maybe next year, but before I finalized this I want to know the current situation there. Maybe you can share your experiences on how did you start a new path. I wanna know some details like how much are your monthly expenses - apartment, markets, transportation, and etc. Thanks in advance!

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    How are you planning on working in the UK?

    Jobs situation is dire at the moment with many nurses struggling to find work. Cost of living will vary depending where in the country you plan on living, London is very expensive so rent will be expensive elsewhere in the country may be cheaper. Wage is just short of 22000 a year with lots of other bills to be taken into account like tax, council charges (community tax) food (look up Asda, Morrisons, Tesco) transportation will depend but seeing as Petrol/gas is expensive expect travel to be expensive
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    Do you have a visa for permission to work there?
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    well I have known this agency since I started working. Recently they send me some information that UK is looking for pedia nurses (its gonna be a working visa), and I am quite having second thought about it. London is a beautiful place, no doubt about it, but I am worried that because of the expenses I might not enjoy where I'll be at.
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    with the 22000 per year salary, does overtime incude in it?
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    Overtime is not included and to be honest unless much has changed TRUSTS can not afford overtime and very rarely happened. Agency may differ but that is something you discuss with them.

    specialist nurse working in neonatal intensive care units is on the shortage list for work permit so not sure if you are specialised in that area. London is very expensive and if going via agency not sure how accommodation is funded but expect you to share if minimizing the cost.

    Tier 2 Visas | National Shortage Occupation List | UK Immigration
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    Quote from furble
    with the 22000 per year salary, does overtime incude in it?
    I've not seen overtime paid for over 5 years, and its not likely to improve.

    At least 4 English hospitals are in administration at the moment (bankrupt) and services are at risk due to the current financial climate.

    Nurses are having to apply for their own jobs in some areas.

    Not a good time to look for nursing work in the UK
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    that really helps.. well, my area is in pedia ICU and I just got an email that they are looking for pedia nurses. Im glad you shared the tier 2 visas. Thanks a lot!
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    I'm in the UK at the moment and had no problems finding work. I'm with continental travel nurse agency. I had the choice between two different hospitals when I arrived. I have been working over time every week. I average 10 hour overtime. You shouldn't have any problems with pedia specialty. I think the only people who will struggle to find work are those who have less than 5 years experience.
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    MuppetAus, I am also going to be with continental, but I've been waiting almost a month for my recruiter to find me a job, and its going to be in haywards heath which is in the middle of nowhere!!! Where did you get your contracts?

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