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One of the questions I am most frequently asked is how do I prepare for an interview, and over the years of both being interviewed and interviewing I have built up a stock pile of questions and interview tips. There are many... Read More

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    Quote from pjpj
    I have applied for an ACN position and the interview is only for ten minutes....What do you think they could possibly ask in that short amount of time?
    hi Pipi not sure what an ACN is but the typical questions are why are you suited for the job, what can you offer, your good and bad points, what is it that attracts you to this job

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    Thanks Sharrie,

    I'm very familiar with power point and will probably cope better using power point than I would with a flip chart I guess. I'm working with a power point document at the moment and I suppose I'll have to use it but I just wanted to be a bit more original. I accept that if I try to be more original and completely lose the plot due to nerves then it will be a disater. Thanks for your quick reply!
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    Your very welcome, did you have anything particular in mind. I am sure the interviewers would appreciate something difference but not at the expense of your nerves I guess. But if you prepare and are confident then a different approach would definitely work.

    Not sure what the topic of your presentation is but how about using case studies to support your discussions
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    Thanks Sharrie.

    The topic is:

    What do you believe are the challenges facing the community palliative care service over the next decade, and what proposals might you make to address them?

    I've brainstormed and have loads of ideas, particularly about the challenges, and to a lesser degree for the solutions. It's just establishing how I can present it without just giving them a boring powerpoint presentation. After all, they will know all the answers already! And it's a little more scary because I know them all.

    I'm not sure how I could incorporate a case study into that but if you can offer any further tips I'd be grateful. Thank you. DD.
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    May I just give you a word of advice from a friend's tough experience? She was to do a presentation as part of the interview process and she created a beautiful powerpoint presentation. the only problem was the equipment failed and they allowed her to come back but it was stress she didn't need to deal with!! She said if she mever had to do something like this again, she was going to have printed color copies in her bag ready to pull otu in case of equipment failure!!! it also would show you are ready for anything and can roll with the punches!!!! Good Luck!!!!!
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    Hi Sharrie

    I have read all your threads and blogs about interview technique and have found them very beneficial. I was just wondering if you would take a look at my situation and give me some ideas for presentation and interview questions. I have been working on a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit for 6 years as a band 5, I now have an interview for a band 6. My presentation question is What impact does the expansion of beds have on the band 6 and 7 team? I also have extended roles such as retrieving patients from district hospitals and clinical liaison role in Blood Transfusion including audit, clinical assessment and education. How can I push these roles? I would appreciate any help!!! Thanks
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    Hi mel i've just got back from leave so will take a look tomorrow and answer then
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    i have a band 6 interview next week and have a presentation to do,

    The title is what qualities do you think you need to be a effective and efficient ward sister in relation to ward area?
    I have decided to focus on just 5 qualities as i only have 15 mins and to close with a scenario and relate it to the ward, does that sound ok?

    Also my questions will be on a couple of frameworks that are new in my trust and scenarios, i have been tols its my choice if i do them before or after my presentation, what do you think is best?

    Also the post is on the ward im currently a band 5 on, im going to be interviewed by my current bosses, any tips on how to conduct myself as i want to come across as professional and serious about wanting the job

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    To the last 2 posters, I've been updating my blogs and have missed your requests for help, I do apologise. I hope you were successful in your interviews I realise that there were quite some time away

    There are quite a few things that have happened in the UK that will have influenced some interview presentation topics and questions.

    Current documents to be looking at, which I have said a few times in the posts would be the Staffordshire NHS trust enquiry, think about the restructure of finances this current government are proposing and what that may mean for your area of work.

    Some advice I have recently given for a Band 6 Interview:

    Basic clinical governance is what I would be looking for really, so think about identifying clinical risks, looking at incident reporting and identifying trends. Medication errors is a good one with that. Ensuring evidence based practice, safe staffing levels and well educated motivate staff, all comes down to clear and present clinical leadership which is firmly in the remit of a band 6 nurse. Responding to patient complaints and concerns and presenting action plans for improvement where needed.

    Take a look at the Stafford enquiry and other documents around that, it'll give you clues as to the failings there, and think about nurses, doctors and managers working collaboratively to make sure we are providing a safe, effective and efficient service.

    High quality care, there are performance indicators that will help with that, things like infection rates (C-Diff and MRSA obviously key here) pressure ulcer prevalence, hand hygiene and taking nursing back to basic care all important things to mention.

    Have a look at what's going on in your area with the safer patient initiative and mention that, and try to find out what your heads of nursing sees as the priorities in your area.
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    hi , i need help for a band 6 interview presentation " how would support your ward manager "


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