Hello Irish Nurses

  1. I want to go back to ireland to work but have no idea how the job situation is there. I work in the operating room. How are things, is there work, is there any area better then another. I am so homesick that I am thinking of just up and moving anyway. Please someone give me some hope of going home. Thanks Torise( agus Slan Abhaile )
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  3. by   K+MgSO4
    Hi there

    I have been in Ozzie for nearly 4 years 3 of those in Melbourne. I applied for a permanent post 6 months before I finished my contact in Letterkenny General on the advice of my CNM2. Just 2 days ago I got an email stating that I had progressed to round 3 of assessment via the HSE.ie - Health Service Executive Website - Jobs in the HSE website which advertises all jobs in the public system.

    that is a 4 year wait for someone who scored an A+ on round 1 and 2.

    You could look at the private hospitals I suppose. Don't know what the story is there as I am public to the core. Can't stand the entitled attitude of some private pts!

    Keep me informed as I would like to go home at some point, but my OCD like tendencies means that I need a job lined up.

    happy Easter.
  4. by   Torise
    Thanks K+, yeah I, like you, dont want to take a chance on hopeing to find a job, I look every day, appears to be a lot of agency work but I have a feeling that within a year all will be back to normal and jobs will be pleantyful. Will keep you posted
  5. by   stephanie2012
    i guess you can post the resumes first on internet, if there is really a good chance, you can go back.
  6. by   Torise
    Thanks Stephanie, , tried but no luck. Hope it changes in a few months.