Different leadership styles?

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    Does anyone know about Leadership styles? I need to work out what my leadership style is but I have little experience and am applying for a band 6 position? Ive been looking on the internet and asking other nurses but still Im not sure?

    Thank you in advance.

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    What different styles are you aware of?

    For me there are Autocratic, Democratic, Bureaucratic and Laissez-faire

    This may help get you started
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    There is so much work and research on leadership in healthcare most NHS organisations will refer to the healthcare leadership framework


    It's difficult to say that any one style is correct, and good leaders will be able to adapt their style depending on the situation. So in an emergency you may take on a direct managerial approach, giving instructions and directing your staff but if managing change work from within the team to encourage ownership and sustainable.

    Respect is a massive part of leadership, without it your team just won't follow so gaining respect, credibility and loyalty is vital to being allowed to lead.

    Take a look at some of the tools in the framework it should help
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