Clinical hours short of NMC suggestion? - page 13

First of all, I really hope Silverdragon reads this and gives me insight. I have sent out my application as well as all of my paperwork to the NMC for my nursing license, except my training... Read More

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    Meant NMC board not NMS

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    I'm in the same situation. Did you also send the hours of your prerequisites and other classes required to obtain the bachelor's degree? My recruiting company had me include every class I took for the entire 4 years.

    Have any of you heard back yet? I'm still just waiting while the NMC has put a hold on all overseas applicants to review their policies
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    Coffee Nurse i m unable to PM you because im new to the site. Im moving to England in August and recently talked to Continental Traveler, will you tell me about them as far as is it a good agency ? pay rate? living situations and your experience ? You can email me at Thanks a lot!
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    continental is an amazing agency im looking for someone who had an origianl RN degree (ADN) and topped up either in a UK distance learning or in a USA RN_BSN and succesfully registered with the NMC im aware the ADN by itself is not accepted im aware that a acceleerated is not accepted i just want to hear from someone who did something to top up their ADN and got registered

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