Band 6 interview coming up...:-) Band 6 interview coming up...:-) | allnurses

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Band 6 interview coming up...:-)

  1. 0 Hey everybody!

    New to this site but wonder if you could help me, I've got an interview coming up for a band 6 chemotherapy nurse post... Currently band 5 in this speciality... Any advice? Tips? Possible interview questions/answers?

    Rather nervous, any help would be so much appreciated :-) Thank you.
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    Moved to the UK forum

    There are a few threads in this forum discussing interviews etc
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    Mini have a look at some of my interview posts in this forum. There's loads of band 6 preparation advice in there
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    Hi there :-)

    I've only just seen your reply, thank you so much for your help and ideas, I looked at your previous threads and comments for band 6 interview... VERY helpful. Lots of useful links as well.

    I've actually now had the interview, but I have to wait a week to find out if I got the job.. So I still don't know. I felt confident during the interview, although it seemed more relaxed and informal than i expected, more like a conversation than a "structured" interview... Not sure if that was a good or bad thing??

    I didn't have to do a presentation which i was surprised about.

    Thank you again for your help.

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    Hi there, please help. I'm currently a top band 5 nurse working in a critical care ward. I have over ten years experience working with children who have complex needs. I've also just completed by nursing degree. I've applied for a band 6 sister on a continuing care team and would really appreciate ome pointers. I've had a few knock backs with band 6 jobs so really need some advice of how I can improve/ become more confident etc. All advice will be gratefully received!