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  1. I am currently preparing for a job interview for a Band 6 role in the emergency department. I will greatly appreciate if you could give me some input regarding some possible questions which interviewers may ask. Thank you.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Check out Sharrie's Blog as there is an article on interviews
  4. by   snoopy29
    Have just prepared some questions for band 6 interview in A and E and they include:

    Saving lives and a request for information on a recent infection control issue that you have been involved in - H1N1 should cover everything!!

    an ALS or EPLS scenario making sure you cover your ABC's

    Specifics on cardiac and more currently stroke thrombolysis.

    Conflict management between junior nurses and how you would ensure that you are making junior nurses feel motivated supported and reaching their potential.

    What your feelings are on 4hour breach times and ask you to discuss pro's on cons.

    I would expect you to have some ideas on national agendas - the Darzi report is always a good one to throw in.

    How would you deal with balancing the differing needs, working methodology and often conflicting opinions of the department's consultants(!!!!!)

    Examples of how you would prioritise the many demands put on you especially when the department is heaving, corridors are full, nurses are run off their feet and patients and relatives are unhappy.

    The most common cause for complaint in A and E is that basic nursing needs are not met and that communication is poor what would you do to improve these areas.

    What style of management do you use - i awlays it when people say a number of different styles that adapt to circumstance for example.......

    Just a rough idea but hope it helps and good luck
  5. by   uniquenurse
    Hi Snoopy29,
    Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it. May I ask... what is your "personal opinion" about having an Advanced Nurse Practitioners in the Emergency Department. How would they increase the flow of patients and improve nursing care in the department.
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    Any ideas on how to answer a question like how will you as band 6 motivate your staff?
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    Quote from nuttynurse12
    Any ideas on how to answer a question like how will you as band 6 motivate your staff?
    I've answered your question in the other thread.

    When is the interview
  8. by   Theatre6
    I have an interview next week for Band 6 theatre team leader, can you help me with scenario based and other model questions.
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    Could you give some clues for the answers as well please snoopy?
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