Would anyone be interested in answering some questions about their nursing job?

  1. I have to write a paper for one of my prerequisite classes about nursing and I have to do a bit of digging and I am trying to call around for an interview, but no one is very interested. If any of you ladies or gentlemen are willing to answer to answer a few questions, I would appreciate it. Here are some questions, thanks in advance

    1. What inspired you to enter this job field?

    2. What are some trials and tribulations that you face on a daily basis?

    3. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

    4. Do you enjoy what you do, even after working in this field?

    5. Are there any health benefits in this field?

    6. What certificate do you need for this career field? Do higher certificates get paid more?

    7. What do you like most and least about your job?

    8. Do this career field have job stability?

    9. Does this job have mobility?

    10. Are there promotion opportunities available?

    11. How does this job interfere with your family and personal life?

    12. Do you consider this job to be stressful?

    13. What are some duties you experience on a day to day basis?

    14. Do this job require license renewal?

    15. Was this your 1st career choice?
    16. How long have you worked in this career field?

    17. Is there any kind of dress code?

    18. Can you relocate with this career choice?

    19. What advise would you give an amateur in this field?

    20. Does this career provide finical backing for advancement in this field?
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    I'll be happy to answer questions for you. PM me with your contact info.
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    Sorry I wasn't sure where exactly to put this thread.
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    don't worry...that's what I'm for