Will a Nurse PLEASE help me on this Case Study? - page 2

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Okay, here's the blurb: "S.P. is admitted to the orthopedic ward. She has fallen at home and has sustained an intracapsular fracture of the hip at the femoral neck. The following history is obtained from her: She is a 75... Read More

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    Hmm, so if she's on Axid for the Upper GI bleed, and on the prednisone & methotrexate for her rheumatoid arthritis... what's she on for her CAD??

    (Sorry! My instructor's making me do a concept map for this)
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    Looks like no meds for the heart disease currently. A cholesterol-lowering medication might come to mind, but there has been some surprising data released over the last four years which muddies the link between cholesterol and CAD.

    Check out the ENHANCE Trial and the AIM-HIGH Trial for more info about protocols which lowered cholesterol without lowering heart disease risk. Some doctors interpreted this data as indicating that the current recommended LDL levels aren't low enough, while others call the entire cholesterol/plaque/MI link into question.

    As we become more cognizant of the adverse effects of many drugs, it really makes people stop and think about whether each diagnosis in a patient's chart must have a drug to go with it.