why would you want to check the fundus of they eye druing antihypertensive treatment?

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    I can't find an answer anywhere!
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    It couldn't have anything to do with ventricular remodeling relate to ACE inhibitors could it?
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    here y' go. early holiday gift:

    rub the magic google lamp and enter hypertension and eye fundus
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    Nice site here with amazing photographs:

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    When I took my physical assessment course years ago, I practiced fundiscopic exams on any willing victim... er.. volunteer. I saw changes in my mom's eyes and told her she needed to have her BP checked.
    I told this to my opthamologist who reminded me that those are the only blood vessels we can actually see, and any changes there are a reflection of the entire body.
    So if you haven't had a good eye exam lately, I encourage you all to do it! The technology now is AMAZING.