What is your definition of nursing research and evidence based practice?

  1. 0 What is your definition of nursing research and evidence based practice?
    How do you differentiate them
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    Sounds like a homework question o_O;
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    If you wish assistance with your homework assignment, please post what you have found already and members will be happy to guide you. but we will not do your homework for you.

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    Can you be more specific? Are you referring to evidence-based practice, research utilization, or actually doing our own research?
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    You really can't tell the difference between research and practice? Unlike a lot of language in medicine/nursing, these words actually mean exactly what they do in normal English. Perhaps you could start c your dictionary and take it from there.
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    This was a different question when I first responded. Didn't you first ask how we used research in nursing practice?
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    Assuming this question remains the same, I feel like the best way to differentiate the two is to realize that evidence-based practice involves the actual application of research findings in the clinical setting. It still involves reviewing research though; you just use that research or evidence to guide your practice. Example: If I know that motivational interviewing is an effective tool to assess readiness to quit smoking based on a literature review of the best available evidence, I am engaging in evidence-based practice if I start using motivational interviewing on my patients who smoke.

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