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you do not have to break the bank to have a decent working library. for your first couple of years of practice you'll probably be fine with your med/surg texts and other references from school to... Read More

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    Martini's Visual Anatomy & Physiology. This book was published after I took A&P, but I bought it anyway because it's just so well organized and laid out. Also, I couldn't wait to throw away Marieb--that book was horribly written imo. I've found Visual A&P it to be an excellent reference. My only complaint is that the cardiac chapters are a little light. I also have Martini's Atlas.

    Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine. Because sometimes I just want to know more. This is my guilty pleasure and I have to be careful when I use it. It's like the internet for me distraction-wise. I go to look something specific up and then I say, "Hey, look at this...Ooo, I want to look that up too," and suddenly I find that time has warped around me and it's 4 hours later.

    Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care.

    Kee's Laboratory and Diagnositc Tests with Nursing Implications.

    Nursing Diagnosis Handbook.

    Davis's Drug Guide.

    APA Style Manual

    Taylor's Clinical Nursing Skills. This little gem came with my Fundamental's textbook. Skills, skills, and more skills...all organized with steps and what to do if...Plus it has a DVD.

    Jarvis's Physical Examination & Health Assessment. I love how this book was written (one of the few nursing texts I can say that about). It's not verbose, it's well organized, it does a great job listing "normal" and deviations, has photos and special sections for elderly, peds, women, etc.

    I'm undecided about a medical dictionary (which one, what edition, print or e-book). Any suggestions with rationales are welcome.

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    Too lazy to type them all up but here lol.


    Yes that is oatmeal. This doesn't even touch the online resources available also lol.
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