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I am supposed to provide 3 nursing diagnoses for a pt w/ angina pectoris. 1- pain r/t myocardial ischemia 2-Risk for decreased cardiac output r/t mechanical and/or electrical dysfunction of the heart 3-Anxiety r/t angina aeb... Read More

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    It needs to be something unrelated to the primary diagnosis but that the patient is at risk for, something like the nutrition problem I mentioned before. The instructor stated it as "something the patient doesn't have now but could cause a problem later due to his condition." With a clinical patient I had earlier who had hemorrhagic CVA and right hemiparesis and stayed in bed all of the time, one of the things I could list would be thrombosis. Sounds logical for that patient. Now my patient is able to move around and get up and go at will. He has heart related problems, but I can't think of what could happen that's not directly related to his afib and palpitations. Would possible weight gain / edema be one? Please help. I'm drawing blanks!
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