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Ok so I had the lecture on this yesterday and my test is on Monday, I tape recorded the lecture and have listened to it over again but I'm so confused. When they go over the different pressures cvp, rap, rvp, pam, pawp etc... I... Read More

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    Congrats on passing! Lots of students don't pass tests, class, and clinicals. In other posts, I've mentioned the fact that overachieving can often be the down fall of students. As GrnTea said, nursing school isn't easy. Throwing an A here and there says nothing about your capabilities for the future. Getting depressed and wanting to throw in the towel will be your downfall; not the fact that didn't get an A. Self-doubt is dangerous. It is a lot of information and when you have been a nurse for 5, 10, or even 20 years down the road, there will be more information for you to learn. It never stops...but that's a good thing. Part of you needs to live in the now. Learn what you need to pass exams today and be realistic. The other part of you needs to live in the future. Learn what you need to be a good nurse and dream of greatness. But, you have to balance the two. Many students just look at the future. They only imagine themselves as great nurses and immediately expect all the basic stuff the fall in line. As if nursing was a destiny that can't be taken away, so how could they get anything other than an A. Or, they have achieved everything else in life or always been a star. But realistic achievements and failures today will mold you for the future. In nursing and medicine, nothing comes easy. So, if you are depressed, get over it and figure out what you need to do today to improve. Other students come on here and ask us to complete their homework assignments, so you are way ahead of the game b/c you are giving effort at learning the vast world of medicine. Who cares if your grades aren't perfect. You passed. Set realistic goals and obtain them. If you don't succeed at something, learn from it, then over come it. Overachieving will stress you to the point of giving up. If you can get all A's, do it. Go for it. If you don't get all A's, get as close as you can, but it doesn't matter if you get a B or even a C here or there. Once you are nurse, no one cares what your GPA was in school. What people do care about is whether or not you are good at your job. No one thought I'd make it. Some dude who wore board shorts to class and hated getting up before 9 am. I was going up against others who said "everyone in my family are nurses and I just understand how the body works, blah, blah. I volunteered at the hospital all summer. What are you doing here?" Half of them didn't make while I got to cross the stage in my cap and gown. Get rid of your depression and exchange it for motivation. Stick it out. Be harder on yourself when you are a nurse....when you have been in the game. If you do it now, you won't survive. As corny as it sounds, it's all about belief, motivation, goals, and getting back on your feet while you are learning school. Dust yourself off and keep grinding away.
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