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  1. 0 Hi everybody or anybody! Just starting my last semester of the LPN program and we just picked up trach care. I know that this question is quite general but, I have found that exploring responses from experienced nurses helps my general comprehension of given topics. I have heard that this semester is absolutely crazy and I want to stay ahead of the game. I was just wondering if anyone has advice, tips or 'things that I should consider' when caring for a patient with a tracheostomy (cuffed or uncuffed).

    Thank you in advance
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    Don't let the ties/velcro get loose.
    Keep an obturator nearby at all times.
    Keep the cleaning of the inner cannula sterile.
    Suction with sterile technique.
    Don't suction TOO deeply.
    Have a new, spare trach at the bedside.
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    Thank you for the tips
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    Keep suctioning equipment available including extra cannulas at the bedside.
    Make sure the suction works!
    Never apply suction while going into the airway (I have seen this! :smackingf)
    Always remember to hyperoxygenate before and after.
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    Again thanks for the tip(s). I love this team work much different from my last job
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    Oxygenate the pt before and in between suctioning. Also suction on the way out not while going in. There are several good videos on YouTube.
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